Nämä pitbullit kukkaseppeleet päässään sulattavat sydämesi – katso söpöt kuvat

Flower Power -kampanjalla pyritään muuttamaan ihmisten mielikuvia pitbulleista.

Monien mielestä pitbullit voivat olla hieman pelottavan näköisiä ja niihin liittyy ikäviä ennakkoluuloja. Valokuvaaja ja eläinaktivisti Sophie Gamand on aloittanut Flower Power Pit Bulls of the Revolution -kampanjan, jolla hän koettaa muuttaa ihmisten käsityksiä koirarodusta.

Gamand julkaisee Flower Power -kuvasarjassaan valokuvia pitbulleista kukkaseppeleet päässään.

”Päätin kuvata koiria kukkaseppeleiden kera tuodakseni pehmeämpää energiaa mielikuviin niistä. Toivon kuvasarjan haastavan tapaa, jolla katsomme pitbulleja ja lopulta tapaa, jolla kohtelemme niitä”, Gamand kirjoittaa sivuillaan.

Kaikki Gamandin valokuvat on otettu eläinkodeissa, missä koirat odottavat uutta kotia. Kampanja on alkanut jo vuonna 2014 ja Gamand on kuvannut jo noin 150 koiraa.

”Pitbullit ovat kuin muutkin koirarodut, ne tarvitsevat oikeaa huolenpitoa, koulutusta ja sosiaalisuutta. Valitettavasti väärän maineen takia monet mieltävät ne muita koiria vaarallisemmaksi, minkä takia ne kiinnittävät vastuuttomien omistajien huomion, ketkä haluavat vain ”pelottavan koiran””, Gamand sanoo sivuillaan.

Gamand pyytää ihmisiä liittymään kampanjaansa julkaisemalla #PitBullFlowerPower -hashtagin alla kuvia omista koiristaan kukkaseppeleiden kera osoituksena tuesta pitbulleille.

Alla muutama poiminta Gamandin ottamista suloisista kuvista:

Tässä on Peapod

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Here is Peapod's #PitbullFlowerPower portrait! 🍂🌻🐶 This stunning girl is available for adoption at @animalhaven. I was totally inspired by Fall, and yes- I went a little crazy with this crown. 😅😅😅 But Peapod is adorable and was such a good sport during our shoot!! She probably learned patience while nursing the 8 puppies she had shortly after landing at the shelter. I crowned her puppies too, but they were all adopted in a heartbeat and Peapod is still looking for her home. She is extremely loving with humans and can make friends with some other dogs but she would still do best in a home without other pets and preferably no small children. She loves to play and then rest her head on her human's lap. How gorgeous is she?! 🍂🌻🐶 Follow the link in my bio to get your #2016calendar! It's a great way to help me fund the project (150 pit bulls so far! About 125 of them adopted!!) 💚💚💚 #PitbullFlowerPower #pitbullsoftherevolution #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #endBSL #photographysaveslives #sophiegamand

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Valentino on kuvattu jo vuosi sitten, mutta Gamand julkaisi kuvan muistuttaakseen, että Valentino kaipaa kotia

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I photographed #PitbullFlowerPower Valentino a year ago!! And yes, he is still waiting at @tohanimalshelter… As a matter of fact, he is their second longest residents, having waited for a home of his own since April 2013!! Valentino knows his commands, loves other dogs and is a huge fan of water! If someone out there has a yacht, Valentino is your guy! ⛵️🐶 It breaks my heart to think this gorgeous sweet boy has been waiting behind bars for over 2 years. Meet him at Hempstead Town Animal Shelter on Long Island! Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter 3320 Beltagh Avenue Wantagh, NY 11793 (516) 785-5220. 🌸🌺🐶🌺🌸 #PitbullFlowerPower #pitbullsoftherevolution #sophiegamand #adoptdontshop #endBSL

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Tämä koira on nimeltään Karla

Tässä on Jacob-pentu

Hurmaava pieni Henry-pitbull

Ja tässä on Henryn emo, Ivy

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Here is Ivy's #PitBullFlowerPower! Don't you love her heart-shaped tongue?? ❤️👅 I have posted her story earlier but here it is again: In July, in the scorching heat of the summer, Redemption Rescues (@hemiverse) was called and asked if they could take in Ivy, a young mama who had just given birth to 9 pups in a backyard in Far Rockaway (which is a pretty bad neighborhood for animals and especially pit bulls, lots of dog fighting and animal abuse 😭). Although one of the owners was considering keeping them, they knew the puppies were in danger: people were lurking around their property to steal them. Yes. You read well. Even worse, the owner believed someone had brought their dog into his backyard while Ivy was in heat to impregnate her. This is why spay and neuter is SO important!! She is just one year old! He finally agreed to surrender the puppies and Ivy to the rescue. She was still living in the backyard, nursing her puppies, in unbearable heat. 24 hours later the rescue went to pick them all up. Much to their dismay, they arrived to mom and only 8 puppies. The owner said someone had already stolen one. The group took the pups to the vet, and into foster care, where they still are. Ivy and her babies are up for adoption. Puppies usually fly out, and mommies are often left behind. Maybe this time we can change that? Mama Ivy is a baby herself at 1 year old, but she has been a great attentive mom to her puppies. She is such a sweetheart. So affectionate and gentle. To know her is to absolutely love her. When she is not tending to her babies she enjoys curling up in your lap for a head scratch. She is really sweet, inquisitive, devoted and deep. Very soulful. Contact @hemiverse for more info or visit www.RedemptionRescues.org. Ivy can be adopted within 2h of New York City. She is great with other dogs. #PitBullFlowerPower #pitbullsoftherevolution #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram #momoftheyear #photographysaveslives #spayandneuter

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Tässä kuvattavana on Waldo

Tämän kuvan söpöläinen on Remy, joka on Gamandin mukaan saanut uuden, rakastavan kodin itselleen

Cali on yksi Gamandin ensimmäisiä kuvattavia ja koira on vasta saanut uuden kodin

Tässä mullistelee Walter

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