Omasta vartalosta kannattaa olla ylpeä.

Uimapukukausi alkaa pikku hiljaa kolkutella taas ovelle. Monet naiset saattavat stressata siitä, miltä näyttävät kevyemmässä vaatekerrassa, saati uima-asussa. Brittiläinen, plus-kokoisiin vaatteisiin erikoistunut SimplyBe-vaatemerkki käynnisti kampanjan, jolla se haluaa kaikkien naisten voivan tuntea ylpeyttä vartaloistaan. Jokaisella meillä on bikinivartalo!

Muun muassa tällaisia upeita bikinivartaloita löytyy jo Instagramista kampanjan lanseeraamalla hashtagilla #SimplyBekini:

In 2014, I told myself to do something difficult everyday and challenge myself. Here goes. I have never been a thin girl. I have always struggled with how I look, what I wear, and what people say about me. I am posting this picture because @forever21 has provided someone like me with a little bit of confidence. I finally found a bathing suit that is not only trendy and cute and expresses my personal style, but also fits my curves and body in a flattering way. I never ever expected to feel this comfortable in a two piece bathing suit. I am tired of the fashion industry catering only to a specific demographic. Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to wear beautiful things that express their personal style and attitude. No matter what size or shape you are, you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you @forever21 for giving me my daily boost of confidence. #forever21 #curvygirl #bringithome #simplybekini

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#SimplyBekini i want win!! #h&m

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IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR. Brace yourself and be ready for the flood of bikini body propaganda on the way. Brace yourself for the photoshopped ideal bodies, the crash diets, the before and after pictures. It'll say that you can't wear those at your size! It'll say that you can finally be confident this summer once you've blitzed that belly fat! It will prey on insecurities that lead to self hatred, no self worth, poor food relationships, disordered eating. It will tell you that you cannot feel good, cannot be happy, cannot enjoy your summer unless you spend all your energy, time and money on fitting the 'perfect body' archetype. And as we tear ourselves into our imperfect pieces diet industry professionals go home with their millions. Well guess what? You don't have to buy into it. This is the first summer that I refuse to hate my body. I refuse to pin my self worth on my outer appearence and spend months torturously dieting and working out to fit a made up standard. I choose to live, to be happy, to be bikini bodied, just as I am. Who's with me?

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#howtogetabikinibody: Buy a bikini; put it on your body. The world won't stop spinning just because you decide to wear a bikini. Yes, it can be a daunting prospect, but life is short and if you WANT to wear a bikini, then you should flipping well go ahead and do it. I'm lying beside the pool as I type this and I can see all sorts of bodies. Tall, short, fat, thin, and everything in between. Everyone is too busy enjoying the sunshine and spending time with their loved ones to care much about what anyone else is doing or wearing. You only get one life so get out there and live it. FYI My bikini top is a few years old from @ewamichalak_official_lingerie and my briefs are from @mandco_fashion. #positiveattitude #thinkpositively #bikini #bikinibody #bodyacceptance #bodypositive #lovetheskinyourein #loveyourbody #celebratemysize #plussize #plussizebikini #holiday #vacation #dreamsresorts #dreamspalmbeach #dreamspalmbeachpuntacana #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #sunshine #sun #paradise #fatkini #honormycurves #imnoangel

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