Oletko huomannut sateenkaaren värien kirjon ympäri sosiaalista mediaa? Päätös tasa-arvoisesta avioliittolaista on saanut Internetin sekaisin.

Yhdysvalloissa on päätetty tasa-arvoisesta avioliittolaista, joka astuu voimaan kaikissa osavaltioissa. Tämän myötä koko Internetin on vallannut rakkauden huuma, jonka myötä ihmisten innostuneet päivitykset ja kuvat ovat nyt täynnä sateenkaaren värejä. Hashtagilla #LoveWins voi jakaa omia kuviaan ja osallistua keskusteluun.

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Forever alone… *cries in the corner** #9gag

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Get it, he's experiment 626! #stitch #liloandstitch #gaypride #lovewins #family #ohana #love #lgbt

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3:05 a.m//6-30-15 Dear human , One thing I truly find remarkable is how much one human can mean to someone. They love this one human out of the billions of people in this world. But why are they so special ? To any ordinary human they are just seen as another face in the streets , but once you fall in love with them it's a whole different story. It seems like everything they do is amazing. Even their smile makes you happy. Their laugh becomes the most beautiful sound you have ever heard. They are more gorgeous than the sunsets. This is what's called "lovesick". You are drunk on love. You end up wanting to spend all your time with them. Sometimes , unfortunately, being so in love makes us blind to the pain they are causing us. Try not to be too blind to this pain , protect yourself like you are a treasure. -r.s

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Just landed at SFO. I love this city. #onelove #lovewins #victory #sanfrancisco #home

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”It all makes sense now: Gay marriage legalized on the same day as marijuana makes perfect biblical sense. Leviticus…

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Created with facebook.com/celebratepride

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Because Ultimately #lovewins …

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